About LifeCraft

Bacon From Acorns has expanded into LifeCraft. It’s a natural development.

Bacon From Acorns got its name from a great truth illustrated in raising pigs. There is a wisdom and generosity in the natural order of things: an order that we can discover and follow, to the benefit and joy of all.

LifeCraft is about discovering and applying this wisdom in today’s challenging context with special attention to issues relating to household, friendship, work, and stewardship.

Human life always begins in the home. So the first of four areas is Man of the Household. I focus on man not to the exclusion of woman, but because I have something specific to share with other men—for the good of the whole household.

True Friendship is the second area because life is about relationship. To improve our friendships is to strengthen the very foundation of life.


Good Work is the third area. Karl Marx was wrong about many things. But he saw something we all should see: that in our work we express and in some sense forge our very humanity.


Finally, there is Natural Steward. We either fulfill our role as stewards of the natural world, or we don’t. Here we can discover the power and beauty of taking our proper place in the natural order.


Please join me for a few moments each week by giving your email for the Wednesday Quote.

Wednesday Quotes will usually fall under one of our main four areas, with some special exceptions. So under each of these areas is a little library of past reflections on that topic.

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Man of the Household

There is a natural plan inscribed deep within human nature for being man of the household. This course uncovers this astounding calling by giving clear explanation of basic principles and pointing the way to living them out today. We can cut through the fog of confusion and discover the true power of what it is to be a man.

Woman of the Household

Men and women alike have missed the gift of womanhood. This course uncovers the truth of the nature of woman, her genius and her profound connection to that most beautiful of realities: the household. We can move past the stereotypes and the misperceptions to discover the reality of woman, and how she can thrive today.

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