Mini-Series from the LifeCraft Blog

LifeCraft’s blog holds more than five years of John’s weekly Wednesday Reflections. Discover (or revisit) some of his most popular mini-series below. 

What to Do This Summer

Summer activities worth special consideration.


Stress and Its Causes

How to respond to stressful situations.



Learning How to See Again

What makes for better seeing, and what works against it, are well worth examining.


The Leisure Question

Leisure in the proper sense is surprisingly rare, but key to relationships.


Ruling Our Households like the Cosmos

To rule well is to receive an incomparable gift.


Why Everyone Should Garden

A number of great reasons to till the earth.


Reclaiming Manners

In dress, in speech, in the look on our faces.


The Swineherd of the Odyssey

Reflections upon the story of Eumaeus from the Odyssey.


Introducing Aristides

A Greek you should remember.


Restoring Home Life: Room by Room

Philosophy of architecture in the home.


On Education

Education is a craft. Tips for a good education.


Discovering Wonder

Wandering with wonder in this amazing world of ours.


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