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Household Courses On Demand.

 Let this course change your home.

Take LifeCraft’s Man of the Household

or Woman of the Household course any time, at your pace.

Becoming the person we desire to be requires asking the right questions about our human nature, and being willing to make changes based on the answers we uncover.

LifeCraft’s household courses will deepen your understanding of masculinity, femininity, and human nature, and will guide you in crafting an action plan toward a more intentional, richly human life.  

As natural as it is,

living in household does not come naturally, especially today. 


The goal of LifeCraft’s household courses is this:

To be the man or woman of my household, a true husband or wife, father or mother, taking responsibility for crafting the good life in my home, and so fulfilling what my nature calls me to, my heart longs for, and my loved ones need and deserve.

The On-Demand Man of the Household or Woman of the Household Course Includes…


The opportunity to complete the online course Man of the Household or Woman of the Household at your own pace. The online course includes lecture recordings, worksheets, and discussion areas.


Prompt replies from John or Sofia Cuddeback to all written questions and comments in online discussion.

What You Commit To…. 


You commit to completing the course materials. We suggest taking the course over four weeks (an estimated 2 hours per week).


You commit to doing your best to add at least one question and at least one comment in the online course area each week.

How to Sign Up:

Access Man of the Household or Woman of the Household by becoming a LifeCraft Member. Membership is always free, but you can choose to make a monthly donation to help LifeCraft grow.

Still curious?

Find full course descriptions below. Questions? Reach out to
Man of the HouseholdWoman of the Household

For Individuals

These courses are designed for men and women in any state of life who seek to understand better how to craft a fulfilling life.

For Married Couples

In particular, the househould courses are ideal for married couples, new or old, as well as for those preparing for marriage.

For Groups

These courses are well-suited for discussion in men’s groups, women’s groups, Bible Studies, Exodus 90 groups, etc.

The new understanding of who I am literally changed my life. It helped me see my dignity in a new way; I count the inspiration I got… as one of the most soul-stirring experiences of my adult life. The new understanding of self that I received continues to help melt fears of the unknown… It’s like a ‘tool kit’ I can always pull from and be more fully ‘me’ and have meaning.

- Elisa

LifeCraft Member
Thank you… for your explanation of emphasis on the household.  I would agree that men today (myself included) often miss the primary good of the building of the household for doing something ‘out there’ and in our modern context household crafting is not often emphasized or discussed.  I’ve really appreciated your 4-Part Plan as a guide for reflection on my household.

- Patrick

LifeCraft Member

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