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Your Year-End Gift to LifeCraft Will Bring Many the Joy and Peace of a Well-Crafted, Vibrant Household.


Join Our Beginning at Home Campaign Today and Help us Meet a $100,000 Challenge Grant


Will you become a trusted partner of LifeCraft by making a gift to our year-end campaign, beginning at home?

You and I know something’s missing today.

People are looking for direction. We feel we should be doing “better.” But, despite the multiplication of how-to gurus, cutting-edge methods, and productivity books, we’re left unsatisfied. Where modern methods fall short in helping people pursue goals is that they miss the objective hierarchy of goals in life. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

By turning to time-tested wisdom, LifeCraft brings the truth about the end-goal of our life, and how the parts of our life fit together, to a diverse audience today. That truth is the key to
crafting a good life.

 A gift to LifeCraft’s year-end campaign will:

 Introduce LifeCraft to hundreds—even thousands—of more households over the next
year, giving them the confidence and tools to address the pressing issues we face today.
 Encourage people to fashion a vibrant life for themselves and their loved ones through our weekly reflections, summer retreats, free courses, and online meet-ups.
 Inspire husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, old, young, married or unmarried to strive to live a truly human life in a world of confusion and distraction.
 Expand the work of LifeCraft in giving people the tools to craft the good life in their homes. This includes launching The Intentional Household: A LifeCraft Podcast; expanding LifeCraft Days at the Barn—our in-person events; and strengthening our premier courses Man of the Household and Woman of the Household, while also providing follow-up courses and much more. 

The hunger to live a truly human, vibrant lives is more evident in our culture today than ever before, and we’re committed to teaching this craft, always free of charge and accessible to everyone.

Will you become part of the community at LifeCraft and make a special gift to meet this
$100,000 challenge?




2 Ways To Make A One-Time Donation to LifeCraft



The Donor Box link allows you to make a secure and direct contribution via PayPal for any amount.


Send a Check

Send a check made out to the LifeCraft Foundation c/o John Cuddeback at: 134 Christendom Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630.

All donations to the LifeCraft Foundation are now tax-deductible.

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