Below you’ll find details about our most recent LifeCraft Day at the Barn. Check back soon for an announcement about the next one!

Virtue, Authority & Discipline

For Us and the Children

Join John and Sofia Cuddeback and Mike Brown for the fall LifeCraft Day at the Barn, featuring lectures on virtue and authority in the home, delicious barbecue, and more!

October 7th: 9:15 am-3 pm

$28 (coffee & catered lunch included)

Front Royal, VA

Virtue is real human flourishing and happiness. The God-given means to grow in virtue, for young and old alike, is the right exercise of authority and the instilling of discipline. This day’s lectures and discussion will give both principles and concrete suggestions for cultivating virtue in our homes.

Open to all 17 and over (and nursing babies)! Head to registration for the full schedule.

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