Speaking Engagements

I travel and lecture on a number of topics, including family and household, friendship, virtue and ethics, technology, contemplation and silence, and the human person.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact me for scheduling and honorarium information.

Listen to Free Lectures

I have given many lectures for the Institute of Catholic Culture. Registration is free, and you can  download them, or listen to them whenever you like.

Topics I’ve Covered:

Tied to Technology: How the Technocratic Paradigm Can be Overcome in Christ

Independence: A Catholic Critique of False Freedom

Understanding Understanding: Objective Truth and Epistemological Relativism

Plato’s Republic and the Discovery of Virtue

The Crucified Christ: Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone

The Common Good: Learning to Live as a Catholic in Society

Concepts of Corruption: Plato’s Critique of Government

G.K Chesterton: Essay on Cheese

Fasting & Feasting: Learning to Live the Catholic Tradition

Music & the Soul: Restoring or Destroying the Inner Man

Living Catholic: Restoring Catholic Culture in a Post-Christian World

Human Nature and the Virtuous Life

Wisdom of the Ancients: Natural Reason & The Pursuit of Truth

Spiritual Warfare: A Battle for Life in a Culture of Death

Saint Dominic & The Preachers

Icons of Conversion: St. Augustine: Standing Before the Lord

Conversion: Walking with God

Who Are You? The Perennial Question of Mankind

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