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Our Course Offerings

Man of the Household

4 week guided session offered periodically

self-paced option always available

As natural as it is, being man of the household does not come naturally, especially today. We need to be intentional and take specific steps to become the man we want to be. The course goal is this: to be the man of my household, a true husband and father, taking first responsibility for crafting the good life in my home, and so fulfilling what my nature calls me to, my heart longs for, and my loved ones need and deserve.

Woman of the Household

4 week guided session offered periodically

self-paced option always available

Men and women alike have missed the gift of womanhood. This course uncovers the truth of the nature of woman, her genius and her profound connection to that most beautiful of realities: the household. By exploring woman as wife, mother, and the heart of the home, we can move past the stereotypes and the misperceptions to discover the reality of woman, and how she can thrive today.

Concepts Made Clear


You face tough questions daily: How do I prioritize relationships? How do I balance work and home life? Is it time to switch careers? The answer won’t come from the traditional world of how-to, at least not the full answer. Using time well starts with using our mind well, in discovering time-tested truths about what human flourishing means. This course will help you to practice clear thinking, empowering you to face the questions in your life with greater confidence.

Dinner at Home 


You eat every day, but what do your mealtimes look like? For working parents, it’s increasingly easy to eat lunch while scrolling the phone, and to eat takeout for dinner after working late. Eating is the one of the most overlooked but best keys for changing our lives and the lives of those we love. If we choose to to be reliably and intentionally present to our spouse and children at dinner, how will that impact our relationship with them today, and shape our children’s identity for the future? This course is designed to guide families, especially fathers, in crafting more meaningful mealtimes in the home, starting today.

Becoming a Read-Aloud Leader


Dominant types of entertainment today are technology-based and tend to be shallow. While they can have a place, many of us are spending too much time on them. We feel the lack of richness in our lives.

What can we do that’s different? Reading aloud allows for a different way of experiencing one another and enjoying life together. Regain the lost art of reading aloud with family or friends.

Learning Together

Guided Sessions

While LifeCraft members can take courses on their own schedule at any time, we also offer guided versions of the Man of the Household and Woman of the Household courses.  These guided versions include weekly reminders about course material and live Zoom sessions with John for Q&A and supplementary material. The next guided session is taking place March 2023. 


Class Formats


Flexibly paced

While each course has a recommended pace (typically one module per week), you are welcome to take them at your own speed. Slow down or accelerate as best fits your needs.


Each course includes opportunities for online discussion directly with John. Share questions and reflections and know you’ll be heard.


LifeCraft courses are grounded in the wisdom of ancient philosophy. Timeless principles reveal the key to living more happy, more human lives.

Action oriented

Each course is designed to help you take practical steps. Through reflection questions and realistic plans, you can positively change your daily life.

For Individuals

These courses are designed for men and women in any state of life who seek to understand better how to craft a fulfilling life.

For Married Couples

In particular, the househould courses are ideal for married couples, new or old, as well as for those preparing for marriage.

For Groups

These courses are well-suited for discussion in men’s groups, women’s groups, Bible Studies, Exodus 90 groups, etc.


What LifeCraft Members Say

The new understanding of who I am literally changed my life. It helped me see my dignity in a new way; I count the inspiration I got… as one of the most soul-stirring experiences of my adult life. The new understanding of self that I received continues to help melt fears of the unknown… It’s like a ‘tool kit’ I can always pull from and be more fully ‘me’ and have meaning.

- Elisa

LifeCraft Member
Thank you… for your explanation of emphasis on the household.  I would agree that men today (myself included) often miss the primary good of the building of the household for doing something ‘out there’ and in our modern context household crafting is not often emphasized or discussed.  I’ve really appreciated your 4-Part Plan as a guide for reflection on my household.

- Patrick

LifeCraft Member

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