Being the Man of my Household: A Plan for Men.

Marriage immediately draws a man into something profound, something that transcends even marriage itself. He is now the man of his household: a unique, specific and irreplaceable role in service of those he loves. It demands that he take first responsibility for life in the home, and that he have a plan for its flourishing.

This course gives and explains principles and concrete applications of such a plan, rooted in human nature and the natural role of man in the household.

Course Overview:

This course has four live sessions in an online classroom, ninety minutes each.

  • Session 1: Being a Man and Having a Plan
  • Session 2: Being a Husband
  • Session 3: Being a Father
  • Session 4: Essentials of Daily Life at Home

This course includes:

  • PDF Download: Four-Part Plan (13 sub-points) for Being Man of the Household (PDF)
  • Course Videos: Four ten-minute video downloads by John Cuddeback on basic principles of being a man
  • Online Classes: Four live sessions online, divided into a one-hour presentation by John Cuddeback and a half-hour Q&A session.

Course Dates:

There will be 2 course tracks: 

  • Wednesdays, January 29th – February 18th
  • Alternate Option: Tuesdays, January 28th – February 17th (if enough interest, this track will be added) 
  • Note: if you signup for the course but are unable to attend a session, you can receive a recording of the session. 

If you are interested in signing up for the Man of the Household course, download the Four-Part Plan for Being Man of the Household PDF: 

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