Being the Man of my Household: A Plan for Men.

Marriage immediately draws a man into something profound, something that transcends even marriage itself. He is now the man of his household: a unique, specific and irreplaceable role in service of those he loves. It demands that he take first responsibility for life in the home, and that he have a plan for its flourishing.

This course gives and explains principles and concrete applications of such a plan, rooted in human nature and the natural role of man in the household.

Course Overview:

This course has four live sessions in an online classroom, ninety minutes each.

  • Session 1: Being a Man and Having a Plan
  • Session 2: Being a Husband
  • Session 3: Being a Father
  • Session 4: Essentials of Daily Life at Home


This course includes:

  • PDF Download: Four-Part Plan (13 sub-points) for Being Man of the Household (PDF)
  • Course Videos: Four ten-minute video downloads by John Cuddeback on basic principles of being a man
  • Online Classes: Four live sessions online, divided into a one-hour presentation by John Cuddeback and a half-hour Q&A session.

    Course Dates:


    • Wednesdays, January 29th – February 19th, 8pmEST

    ***SUMMER SCHEDULE WILL BE ANNOUNCED THIS SPRING.*** Signup to receive the Man of the Household Plan, and you will be added to a mailing list to receive first announcement of the schedule.


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      What Men Have Said About The Course

      “This course is a concrete way to be intentional about being a man, husband, and father. The content combined with the discussion is an incisive approach to learn from the wisdom of tradition and bring it to life in your household. Dr. Cuddeback’s head and heart are invested in this endeavor with the men he accompanies in this course.

      J.M., Indiana

      “John Cuddeback's Man of the Household course convicted and challenged me to be the husband and father my family needs to truly thrive. In the month since I took his course, it has already bettered our home; just ask my wife!”
      J.A., North Carolina

      “I loved this class, I found the information accessible, the principles insightful, and the advice practical for my daily life as a man.” 
      J.W., Virginia

      “This course was practical,challenging, motivating, and inspiring. I would whole heartedly recommend it to every husband and father as it offers a clear path towards truly embracing and fulfilling this critically important role.”
      C.M., Pennsylvania

      If you are interested in signing up for the Man of the Household course, download the Four-Part Plan for Being Man of the Household PDF: 

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