“How one should order one’s own affairs is not clear and needs inquiry.”
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

I am happy to announce today significant new offerings at this website. Bacon from Acorns has been my effort to share what I am blessed to call my ‘profession’—philosophy, or the love of wisdom—with a broader audience. I strive to learn from my teachers, both living and deceased, modern and ancient, and I strive to pass on what they help me to see. In striving to live the good life, we are all in this together.

Through Bacon I have encountered many people who have challenged me, pushed me, and inspired me. Most of all they have joined me. And my gratitude knows no bounds.

Today I have expanded Bacon from Acorns into LifeCraft. It’s a natural development. Bacon got its name from a great truth illustrated in raising pigs. There is a wisdom and generosity in the natural order of things: an order that we can discover and follow, to the benefit of all.

LifeCraft is about discovering and applying this wisdom in today’s challenging context. I have changed the name both to signal a growth, and to indicate better what this work is about. A craft is a know-how that we study and that can become part of our very selves. The know-how we seek here is wisdom about human life itself. It is a know-how of the most important kind, as it empowers us to craft a good human life, in ourselves and others.

LifeCraft has four areas of focus, to which I intend to devote special attention for years to come. I hope you find that they speak to central aspects of your own life. Human life always begins in the home. So the first area is Man of the Household. I focus on man not to the exclusion of woman, but because I have something specific to share with other men—for the good of the whole household. True Friendship is the second area because life is about relationship. To improve our friendships is to strengthen the very foundation of life. Good Work is the third area. Karl Marx was wrong about many things. But he saw something we all need to see: that in our work we express and in some sense forge our very humanity. And this is true for all of us. Finally, there is Natural Steward. It is especially challenging today to fulfill our role as stewards of the natural world. Here we can discover the surprising power, beauty and joy of taking our proper place in the natural order.

Please do this: Start with my brief overall LifeCraft video on the homepage; then peruse the four areas using the Get Started tab at the top of the page, checking out the intro videos for each area. I especially draw your attention to the Man of the Household course—an online webinar—open to men for registration today. Check out the Man of the Household Plan—a detailed plan–simply by signing up for the Man of the Household mailing list, which is open to all, men and women. Finally, watch in the next few weeks for Wednesday posts presenting a plan for stewardship in the home.

Thank you again for joining me in this journey, and I look forward to many more miles together.

Note on Mailing List: If you are already signed up for the Bacon from Acorns Wednesday Quote mailing list, you should be automatically switched over to LifeCraft. If you are not signed up, please consider doing so.

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