June 29th, 2024

Husbandry and Wifery:

Reclaiming the Practical Arts for a Flourishing Household

Wendell Berry says the demise of husbandry is inseparable from the demise of wifery, and the demise of both is destroying homelife.  We can rediscover them if we know how to cultivate them, in ourselves and in our children.  JOIN US for this summer’s first LifeCraft Day at the Barn, a day dedicated to addressing the principles and concrete steps for men and women to rediscover, practice, and share these most fundamental of arts.

June 29th: 9:15 am-3:00 pm

$28 (coffee & catered lunch included)

Front Royal, VA

About your Hosts: John and Sofia Cuddeback have been married twenty-nine years and are blessed with six
children and six grandchildren. John is a long-time philosophy professor at Christendom College
and started LifeCraft (originally, BaconFromAcorns) to apply an ancient wisdom to life today,
with special attention to household, friendship, good work, and stewardship. His lectures, videos,
and writings on these topics are widely available. Sofia is an intimate partner in John’s
intellectual pursuits while pouring her heart and soul into making their home a place of life and
love. Her lectures are noted for their clarity in addressing the concrete challenges of daily life.

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