We’re looking for a Marketing Specialist

with a heart for LifeCraft’s mission…. 

LifeCraft (the LifeCraft Foundation) is searching for a motivated, hardworking, and highly organized marketing and communications specialist to support Dr. Cuddeback with year-round work project management and promotion at LifeCraft. This position is an opportunity to help cultivate an authentic philosophy of household in thousands of lives across the United States and abroad. 

This is a part-time (15-25 hours/week), hourly position reporting directly to Dr. Cuddeback. The position offers remote, flexible hours. 




Social media: Manage and drive growth on LifeCraft’s social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Key tasks include: 

  • Develop and maintain a consistent schedule of posting on social media (minimum of 3-5 posts per channel per week), with post themes / topics recorded on a calendar shareable with other team members (Dr. Cuddeback and Sofia)
  • Upload and schedule Dr. Cuddeback’s videos to YouTube, create video thumbnails, and write video descriptions
  • Maximize content by editing videos into reels and shorts for use on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Spend time engaging with other channels weekly
  • Take care of basic comment management (looping in Dr. Cuddeback when needed)
  • Provide analytics and feedback periodically to Dr. Cuddeback, such as on topics and formats that particularly drive engagement 
  • Generate ideas for future videos to share with Dr. Cuddeback; generate ideas for increased engagement on social media through polls, IG lives, etc.
  • Run paid social media campaigns periodically to boost core content 

Additional digital management: Update or create digital assets as needed for LifeCraft offerings; perform general maintenance to improve LifeCraft’s website performance. Key tasks include: 

  • Set up Zoom meetings for courses, donor meet-ups, reading groups, etc.
  • Utilize LifeCraft’s WordPress website and additional plugins and sites to create, test, and manage sign up pages for online courses and in-person events
  • Update general information on the LifeCraft website as needed
  • Create digital graphics and printable handouts to promote LifeCraft events
  • Improve keyword performance in the archive of Dr. Cuddeback’s Wednesday reflections
  • Manage an analytics report highlighting website performance

Community relations: Collaborate proactively with Dr. Cuddeback to engage, update, and grow the LifeCraft community. Key tasks include: 

  • Draft emails, on Dr. Cuddeback’s behalf, for various campaigns: monthly round up emails for members, monthly donor emails, specific course sessions, etc. 
  • Send welcome notes to new donors and thank you notes to donors who cancel
  • Regularly check and organize the LifeCraft main inbox and follow up on basic emails for Dr. Cuddeback as possible
  • Provide customer support for basic technical issues that members may experience, such as having trouble accessing a course or updating payment details
  • Maintain the LifeCraft donor list and coordinate as needed with LifeCraft’s accountant
  • Manage feedback surveys for courses and events; keep a record of positive testimonials 
  • Help with occasional outreach (such as to the Arlington Diocese, online influencers, etc.) for promotion of events or collaboration asks 
  • Upload new content as it becomes available to the membership platform (podia)
  • Brainstorm how to strengthen and grow membership and implement creating a more personalized experience for members
  • Work toward improving our non-profit standing and procuring more donors from our community 
  • Develop an annual report for members with highlights from the year

Administrative assistance: Bring an attention to detail and ability to think big picture to day-to-day work at LifeCraft. Key tasks include: 

  • Be available to plan, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm new ideas with Dr. Cuddeback and occasionally with Sofia Cuddeback
  • Provide regular work recaps with a list of action items for Dr. Cuddeback to follow up on
  • Keep an eye on subscriptions and nonprofit discounts for reapplications or opportunities to save 
  • Help track short and long-term goals at LifeCraft
  • Highly organized, detailed, thorough employee who is a self-starter and can work independently.
  • Strong work ethic, with a “can-do,” problem-solver mentality and a thoroughly professional demeanor. 
  • Strong writing skills, especially in regards to spelling, grammar, punctuation, professional correspondence, font consistency, and formatting. 
  • Strong design skills. 
  • Strong familiarity with managing and growing Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels. Experience with digital advertising preferred. 
  • Strong familiarity with email campaigns and donor relations.
  • Familiarity with MailChimp, Canva, Zoom, and WordPress a must. Familiarity with Stripe, Yet Another Mail Merge, Zapier, and podia a plus. 

To Apply:

First, please take a moment to browse our website and social media channels to learn more about our mission and offerings. Then, submit a short statement of interest to Dr. Cuddeback by email at lifecraftgroup@gmail.com with the subject line “Marketing Specialist.”

LifeCraft began as a blog by philosophy professor John Cuddeback called Bacon From Acorns. 

Bacon From Acorns got its name from a great truth illustrated in raising pigs. There is a wisdom and generosity in the natural order of things: an order that we can discover and follow, to the benefit and joy of all.

Over time, Bacon from Acorns grew and expanded to become LifeCraft. More than a blog, LifeCraft is a community project about discovering and applying natural wisdom in today’s challenging context with special attention to issues relating to household, friendship, work, and stewardship.

Besides weekly reflections, LifeCraft offers free online courses, online reading groups, and in-person retreats in the Shenandoah Valley.

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