I have decided to make a big change at LifeCraft in order to bring my household courses to a broader audience.

Troubled times call for a sober and serious response. Social and political dysfunction remind us that our households need to be a bastion of authentic human life. Now more than ever. It remains in our power to craft the good life in our homes, with all of its richness, glory, and challenges.

I believe the Man of the Household course is the most important online content I have ever produced. And now it is available to all for free. It is four pre-recorded video lectures along with downloadable documents to guide a man through the process of making his own plan for growing as man of the household. All are welcome to take the course starting now, at your own pace. Signup here.

Soon I will announce regular, online office hours that will be open to all registered users, past and current. Further, I hope to launch my Woman of the Household Course soon, also free of charge.

Why the new approach? I am committed to making this content available to everyone, and I want people easily to share it and invite others, including men’s groups, church groups, marriage prep, etc.

I am making this switch to free online courses, and office hours, because of my conviction of the power of this content to help men and women craft the good life for themselves, their families and their communities. I don’t want anyone to be excluded for financial reasons.

If you share this conviction or have taken a course and experienced the benefit, I invite you to support me through a recurring pledge or one time donation. Joining me in this way will empower me to expand LifeCraft’s online presence with more free of charge course offerings, podcasts, and other materials designed to educate and enable people to craft a richer, more human life in their homes. HERE you can signup as a supporter or partner, or just to be a free member. All are always welcome, and I’m very excited to work on crafting a good life together.
~ ~ ~

Here is a brief video explanation of my asking for financial support:

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