How to use the color-in advent calendar

1. Number each box in the grid, with the last box as the 24th

2. Make a numbered list of tasks to complete in preparation for Christmas (these can either be spiritual preparations, practical tasks, or both!)

3. Hang on the wall, preferably in a central location where all the family can use it

4. When a task has been completed, color in the box with the corresponding number.

5. Work together as a family to fill in the whole calendar before Christmas!

Tips from Sofia:

-Use the template as is for an 8×11 advent Calendar or you can blow it up to a larger size. We made ours a 24×36 and hung it in a central location for all to use.

-Instead of numbering the grid and making a corresponding numbered task list, you can put a post-it note with the task in each square that can be removed when you color the square. We like the numbered list because it gives us great satisfaction to see a record of the tasks we have conquered!

-Reduce the template to the size of your journal and make it a personal task/coloring page for your private Advent goals!

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